With more rigorous building performance legislations in force and ever-increasing utility costs, it becomes crucial to understand the way buildings thermally behave. Thermal performance of buildings can be evaluated by building energy modelling and that is the reason why the demand for building energy modelling has significantly increased in recent years.

Building energy modelling has grown into an essential service for designers, owners, and building managers. Changes in building design and operation affect the energy and thermal performance of buildings while energy modelling provides useful information on the expected effects of these changes, in particular about energy conservation. In new buildings, energy modelling should be included from the early design stage in order to inform further development. In existing buildings, modelling can provide suggestions about the most effective retrofitting measures which lead to reduction of carbon emissions. When conducted properly, building modelling can predict the energy consumption, operational cost and CO2 emissions of a building while offering solutions for improving the indoor environmental quality and reduction of environmental impact.



We have more than 10 years of experience in building energy modelling, working with engineers, architects and building end-users with the main mission to improve buildings energy performance and reduce the overall environmental impact. Our experts can undertake design evaluation studies and provide advices on energy-related issues in both domestic and non-domestic sectors. The expertise we offer includes:

  • Detailed annual simulation of buildings and associated building services systems
  • Calculation of peak heating/cooling loads
  • Analysis of ventilation and air flow through buildings
  • Evaluation of the summer overheating risk
  • Calculation of daylight availability, shading/overshadowing effects and artificial lighting
  • Evaluation of the appropriate use of HVAC systems in buildings
  • Identification of optimal retrofitting measures which should reduce excessive energy use in existing buildings
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