"DesignBuilder Software ordered an X3200 simulation server from EnSimS in July 2013 and we've been using it to run our large EnergyPlus models without problem ever since. We find that most individual models run significantly faster (often 2-3X faster) compared with our laptop and desktop machines, but the server really comes into its own when using it for design optimisation studies as it can process up to 16 simultaneous simulations without even breaking sweat (and more if we accepted some degradation in individual runtimes). We believe that this approach to running simulations will give us much better value for money in the medium-long term compared with cloud systems, plus we get full control over the simulations and no Internet transmission overhead. Our server was installed in our offices by EnSimS with all of the necessary software preinstalled and preconfigured so all we had to do was connect to it. All in all I couldn't fault either the product or the service!"

-- Dr Andy Tindale, Director, DesignBuilder Software Ltd

"At the Research Unit for Built Environment at the College of Technological Studies, Kuwait, we constantly face the challenges of handling large number of building simulations. The problem becomes critical especially for research in building optimization, as hundreds of thousands of cases may be evaluated in each study. The traditional way of running simulations on laptop or desktop computers just cannot cope with the demand. Since the delivery of the X3297v3 simulation server, all the constraints on running large amount of building simulations have been lifted. The pre-installed and configured JESS server software and the jEPlus tools work perfectly together for the set up of our research problems. We consider the budget is well spent, and the new capability will help us a long way in our current and future research."


-- Dr Ali Al-Ajmi, Associate Professor, College of Technological Studies, Kuwait 

DesignBuilder Software Ltd Birmingham City University
Instituto Nacional de Eficiencia Energética y Energías Renovables, Ecuador NRGSIM Inc
cetteg.fr University of Salford 
University of Reading Green Prefab
The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) University College London


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