ENSIMS offers three product lines covering small to medium sized design offices, desktop simulation users, and development kit for distributed simulation applications.

The X3200 line are powerful simulation servers to provide shared computing resources for a group of users. It is easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. Users can access superior computing power from anywhere in the world through an internet connection. Having an X3200 will help extend the life of your existing IT equipment by removing the need to keep upgrading individual PCs, therefore reduce the overall IT cost. Find out more ...
The K800 line are performance tuned desktop computers for users who want their simulation results back quickly. It is promised to outperform any off the shelf desktop computers and workstations on running simulation jobs. It is configured for remote access, too, so that you always have the speed with you wherever you are. Find out more ...
The E+Pi line are for researchers and developers working toward ubiquitous energy simulation solutions. It is based on the Raspberry Pi, and can run simulations and optimizations of full-scale energy models on X3200, K870 or on JESS Online. Find out more ...
JESS Online logo Not sure what remote simulation means? Why not try it on JESS Online? You will use your brand new ENSIMS simulation station exactly the way as using JESS Online. Find out more ...


Fully Customized Solutions

ENSIMS products are fully customized to meet your specific computing needs. We will help choose the best configuration of the hardware, and a set of software tools for your specific simulation environment. More importantly, our products are delivered with software pre-installed, configured and fully tested, which means you can start using it and enjoy the power straightaway.

The comprehensive ENSIMS warranty and technical support will give you complete peace of mind. With the growth of your business, should you need more computing power, the ENSIMS software (included in X3200 and K800) allows computers to be added to form a simulation cluster. Sounds complicated? It is really not once you have seen how it works! And, our engineers will sort it out for you in any case.

How to Order

If you are interested in our solutions or services, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can then set up a skype call to discuss your simulation need at a convenient time, and take it from there. 

Supported Software

Our solutions are designed for:

More to come, soon!

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