The ENSIMS X3200 series offers exceptional computing performance, as well as an optimum balance between the simulation throughput and the energy efficiency.

The servers are based on the Dell PowerEdge T620 tower server line. It has two Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 processors, with the top of the range E5-2699v3 sporting an incredible 18 cores per processor(!) which means you can run up to 72 simulations in parallel. Both memory and storage systems of X3200 are optimized to achieve best throughput and reliability. Depending on your business needs, the selection of the right configuration becomes very import. More expensive options do not always yield better performance. We will help you choose the right product that fits your demand best. 

The X3200 series supports both Linux and Windows operating systems. The jEPlus Simulation Server (JESS) software is used to support multiple concurrent simulation users, and execute energy simulations efficiently. The Simulation Server provides a cost effective and energy efficient solution to energy professionals who require frequent access to computing power for energy simulations.

Computer Platform




Dell Inc. PowerEdge T620, in tower or rack mounted configuration



32 to 72 threads powered by 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 processors


Memory size:

Upto 128GB of registered ECC memory


Storage size:

Upto 16 TB of hard drives in RAID 0, 1, 10 or 5 configurations


Power supply:

Upto two 750W - 1,100W 80Plus Platinum hot-pluggable redundant power supply units



Dell 3 year next-day onsite warranty and ProSupport (UK only)


EnSimS support:

Upto 3 year EnSimS support on remote simulation and free upgrade to the JESS platform

Operating System

Ubuntu Linux Server 14.04 LTS or Microsoft Windows 7 Professional by default, installed and configured. Other operating systems are available on request.

Simulation Manager

JESS v1.5 for Local/LAN installed and configured, with multiple EnergyPlus version support, and the support for other simulation engines on request. Other simulation managers or server software may be available on user's request.

Services and Support


All X3200 servers include the following services and support as standard:

  • Delivery, installation and on-site configuration of the server(*)
  • Installation and configuration of client software on users' computers
  • Regular server health check and performance tuning through remote access (subject to the availability of remote access)
  • 3 year unlimited upgrade for ENSIMS software and tools
  • 3 year remote assistance and technical support

Additional services may include:

  • Advice on remote access and management of the server
  • Free advice on general simulation issues

* Installation and on-site configuration are available to UK customers only. Overseas customers may be liable for additional shipping cost and import tax.


Starting from £7,500 plus VAT.


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