Power, Speed and Efficiency are our ultimate goals, so computing performance is at the heart of the development of our energy simulation solutions. Are the most expensive hardware equal to high performance? Not always. Computing platforms and tools are very much specialised nowadays. A top of the range office PC, a CAD workstation or an enterprise file server will require very different specs to achieve the best performance for their respective applications. Like any other tool, you choose the right one for the job at hand. Based on our own experience in building simulation studies and knowledge of computing platforms, the ENSIMS solutions are developed to meet the requirement of energy simulation professionals. 

Simulation Speed

Our X3200 and K800 series are designed for different simulation users. The K800 is for the conventional workload where single simulation jobs require ultra fast completion time. The X3200, however, is targeting the users of the new generation of building simulation tools. If you use parametric analysis and optimisation tools on a regular basis, the X3200 will improve your productivity dramatically.

Using benchmark tests, the performance of the machines are compared. (Read more...)

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency of our solutions is very important to us. Both the X3200 and the K800 products are based on energy efficient platforms and components. In our test, the X3200 shows excellent energy performance compared to the desktop solutions. What's more, the X3200 provides shared access for multiple users, therefore removes the need for providing each user with high-powered desktop computers. The users can carry out their design tasks on energy efficient laptops, whereas sending simulations to the X3200 for more intensive number crunching jobs. (Read more...)


Compared with typical PCs

This section will give you some idea on how much improvement you can achieve by upgrading to X3200 or K800. We have run benchmark tests on a range of desktop and laptop computers typically found in design offices. Keep an eye on this page as we will add more benchmark results in due course. If you cannot find a computer in the list that is similar to yours, why not run the tests yourself? You can download the benchmark model set in the Support section. (Read more...)


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