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We are very pleased that our latest X3297v3 server has been delivered to the College of Technological Studies (CTS) in Kuwait, and installed in the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, PAAET's data center. This is the most powerful machine we have built, yet. The performance advantage over the best computing instances one can get on the Amazon EC2 is clearly shown in the chart below.



* E+ Benchmark set comprising relatively simple models in E+ v8.0 was used in this comparison. The performance of the AWS EC2 C3.Large and Micro instances are variable due to their shared resources.

 The X3297v3 provides ample computing power for energy simulations to an active research group or a class of students learning building modelling and optimisation. It is 25% more powerful than the AWS EC2 C4.8xLarge, whereas the purchase cost is less than 1 year of hire of the cloud instance (at the standard rate). Moreover, everything is set up for you on delivery. You can start using it as soon as it is plugged in and connected to the network.
According to Dr Ali Al-ajmi, Head of the Department of Mechanical Power and Refrigeration at CTS, and the PI of the research grant, "... since the delivery of the X3297v3 simulation server, all the constraints on running large amount of building simulations have been lifted. The pre-installed and configured JESS server software and the jEPlus tools work perfectly together for the set up of our research problems. We consider the budget is well spent, and the new capability will help us a long way in our current and future research."

06 February 2014

We have decided to keep the demonstration server accessible to all indefinitely. Please feel free to run simulations there. The access details remain the same as in the previous post. Please note this server is for development works only. For commercial jobs, please Request a JESS Account.


20 January 2015

ENSIMS starts a free trial of the first JESS web UI from today. You can log on to the trial server using a public account; therefore no registration is required. This is a limited trial for two weeks only. The log in details are as below:

UserName: public
Password: test

Please note the trial is running on a dedicated server with limited capacities. If you find many jobs queuing on the system, please check back later. Also, please note that your models and results are visible to all users using the same public account; so do NOT upload sensitive information. Uploaded files may be removed by other users or us without warning.



18 November 2014

We can finally announce that JESS Online is live and open for business. Please feel free to try it after checking out the How to Get Started section. 


K890 case

15 August 2014

With the release of Intel's latest Devil's Canyon processor, we have updated the K800 line with the introduction of K890. Its mini-itx form factor is about 1/3 of the size of the K870. Yet it is fully loaded, quiet, efficient, and above all, extremely fast. 


Shadowlands article

31 July 2014

ENSIMS participated in the current debate on the future of London's skyline. We carried out analysis on the impact of a large tower currently under construction on the neighboring building. The result was used in the article published in the July 2014 issue of the CIBSE Journal.



30 November 2013

The ENSIMS website is live! We are very excited, and there is lots more information to be published in due course.


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