Did you know that modern computer components offer plenty of headroom for performance enhancement than the official specs on the box? Most mainstream manufacturers will not allow you to do that for a very good reason: it is a risky operation and requires knowledge and skills to get it right. The K800 computers have been built from scratch using only the best components for performance tuning. You will get a robust and super fast desktop computer which is also nearly silent in day-to-day use. 

The Computer



High quality MB and enclosure for near silent operation



Intel Core i7 4790K, performance tuned


Memory size:

Upto 32GB of RAM, performance tuned


Storage size:

250/500GB Solid state HD, plus additional high capacity drives upto 8 TB in total. 


Power supply:

500W 80Plus Gold power supply unit


Other components:

Other specialized components can be added by order


Operating system:

User's choice of OS can be ordered separately


JESS software:

JESS server or execution node software are available at additional cost

Included Services and Support


All K800 computers include the following services and support as standard:

  • 72-hour stress test before shipping
  • Pre-installation of operating system and software tools on request
  • 2 year Return to Base Warranty 
  • 2 year remote assistance and technical support


Starting from £999 plus VAT.


* Images for illustration only. Actual product may vary.

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